Saturday, September 9, 2017

Have you ever been loved like Arjun Reddy?

Hola peeps!

I am back after a long gap and this time I am here to talk about a movie that just won't leave my mind and yes it is #ArjunReddy, a Telugu movie that made waves across everywhere. 

I am not someone who is drawn to watch Telugu movies heck I don't even half of their names. #SorryNotSorry. My preferences lay in Bollywood and Hollywood but somehow I was drawn by the posters. There was something different in those posters, a raw appeal screaming that this is not run of the mill stuff. 

And if you are reading this expecting a review, then let me warn you are in for a disappointment. I am not a critic neither am I going to write a critic about it now. All has been said and done. Then what am I going to do? I am going to write about few scenes that I loved and those will stay with me for a long time.

First is the holi scene in the rival college where Arjun comes to fight with the guy who humiliated the girl he loved. The most beautiful aspect of that scene was it was not a typical scene where the hero beats the goon and then he runs of with the girl to some remote hills to sing songs; the beauty of the lied in Arjun’s vulnerable side. He was angry so he beat up the guy but more than anger it was his fear that made him vulnerable. The thought of what will happen to her when he graduates the college, who will protect her, will she be safe will he be able to protect her innocence? All this questions made him take a promise from the baddie that no harm will come his beloved. When things went south he broke down with the girl because his fears were no different from hers.

There was such intensity, passion and rawness when he said that “we all have that one person who is the centre of our universe and without them we are lifeless, and for me this girl is that.” His voice was shaking with emotions as fear, anger, love and helplessness gripped his heart and made his stomach churn. And yes guys can cry and boys do cry and so did Arjun cried.

Arjun is not your regular guy everything for him is in extreme. He falls in the category of bad boys with golden hearts and an awesome Royal Enfield but unlike other bad boys Arjun doesn’t have a back story which makes sense to him being the way he is. It’s as simple as that’s how god made him and that’s what you will fall for in that guy.

I have more in store and depending on the reviews I will be back talking about my other favourite scenes.

Till then adios.


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