Monday, July 24, 2017

Absolute Barbecue's - An absolute delight

So last night me and my husband made a sudden plan to visit Absolute Barbecue's aka AB's in Madhapur, Hyderabad at 8 pm and landed up there at around 9 pm. Rule number one for Sunday dine out, always make reservations in advance. Although we arrived without a reservation, the staff was sweet enough to accommodate us after asking us to wait for some time.

I was more than ready to wait after hearing it's praises from my brother and we got lucky to get a table. We walked into a packed restaurant, bustling with families, friends and couples. The first thing that made a mark with me was the ambience of the place and the humble staff. After settling down nicely we were served the usual grilled food, roasted corn, mashed potato wedges (these are yummy) but I was there for the special wish grill that they promote themselves to be.

A special mention to the cinnamon pineapple, it is a must have for everyone who is visiting AB's. What sets apart AB's from other grills is the taste, even the usual starters taste yummy, special mention here to chicken and prawns. 

We took our sweet time to saviour the taste of the starters but I couldn't wait to move on to the wish grill and we weren't disappointed. We had a range of food to choose from Emu Bunny, Quail, Shark fish and Bunny. Only thing I missed was octopus, I have never tried and my brother had specially recommended it. 

Better luck next time Sweta!

My favourites from the wish grill was bunny Emu and shark; somehow squid wasn't up to the mark. It left a squishy taste in my mouth with it's smell and taste. I can I have eaten better squid dishes but apart from that everything was a delight.

Another favourite was the chicken and coriander soup. Just perfect!

The main course was amazing too! my favourites from there has to be the fish curry and mutton curry, especially the mutton curry which just melts in the mouth.

No write-up on AB's can be complete without mentioning their desserts range. The dahi vada's were to die for and so was the phirni and mousse. Only thing I found missing was they arranged the dessert without naming it, my husband who doesn't have much of sweet tooth didn't knew half of the things there so I had to educate him. I'd like them to name the desserts too for the diners convenience.

And yes how can the meal be complete without ice-cream and I tasted the ice cream with pan flavour. It was a first for me and I totally loved it, so much I ended up eating twice. 

AB's had been a delight altogether except the point that staff weren't attentive few times, we had to request repeatedly for spoons and plates and even the grill was closed without asking us which was a disappointment.

After a hearty meal where we eat till our heart's content, we left the place at around 11.15 with a resolution to come back again.   

Until next time adios..

Sweta XOXO


  1. another day another blog .. i wish i could try these yummy dishes you know me being a foodie but i loved it some day if i visit India i will for sure do ...beautiful Blog..keep going babe <3

  2. The blog❤️Made me feel tempted though imma vegetarian so i can try deserts there����❤️ If i ever visit Hyderabad you gotta take me here for deserts����.

  3. Fooooooooood 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 my love ❤ nothing but this makes me happy and i love you for sharing this 😘😘 loved all the descriptions 😇 barbeques are favorite always 😍 non veg is love and so was your descriptions 😉 keep writing 👌

  4. Would definitely try this , actually we have our dinner late , by the time we reach it's closed,last week only me n my cousins went but it was around 10 n they said it's closing time 😑good article 👍 thank you for the suggestions 🤗 n I didn't know that u r married, a new found info 😊❤

  5. What a blog sweta... I am a foodie and love to known about different food joints and the variety of food they provide all over the country.. This blog of yours will be a gr8 help to all those who travrl & love to eat good food .. Awsome! keep it up!.. looking forward to your next